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Illustrating Network Change with Video Clips

Network Video Clips

Network video clips are short 10 second videos that show network change. Through the use of the ndtv R package, we have been able to create visual networks that change over time from stroke onset to 6 months after stroke. The network video clips can be found here.


The network clips show the patient surrounded by individuals in their personal network. These are individuals who provide advice, social engagement, and support to the patient. Red lines are strong ties, or emotionally close relationships. Black lines are weak ties, or emotionally moderate relationships. An absent line between persons indicate they are strangers and wouldn’t recognize one another.


We’ve generated a little over 10 network video clips thus far and are already finding some interesting network dynamic patterns. We divided the networks into four broad categories: shrinking, expanding, social migration, and constant networks. Shrinking networks decrease in network size, while expanding networks increase in size. Constant networks remain relatively the same and show little change overall. Lastly, migrating networks remain the same size, yet replace individuals in their personal network with different people.

The Future

By comparing how networks evolve after stroke to other variables we can see if particular network categories are more beneficial to recovery outcomes. This information could be helpful in formulating possible network interventions in the future to support the recovery process.

Figure 1: ID55's expanding network after stroke

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