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The adaptive stochasticity hypothesis: Modeling equifinality, multifinality, and adaptation to adversity

Sofia Carozza, Danyal Akarca, and Duncan Astle

Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences

October 2023

Understanding Stakeholders' Perspectives to Increase COVID-19 Vaccine and Booster Uptake among Black Individuals with Rheumatic Conditions

Nenna Ezeh, Greta Sirek, Sciaska N. Ulysse, Jessica N. Williams, Mia T. Chandler, Bisola O. Ojikutu, Michael York, Monica Crespo-Bosque, Muriel Jean-Jacques, Tonya Roberson, Karen Mancera-Cuevas, Holly Milaeger, Elena Losina, Amar Dhand, Mary Beth Son, Rosalind Ramsey-Goldman, Candace H. Feldman

Arthritis Care & Research

June 2023

Association of hospital centrality in inter-hospital patient-sharing networks with patient mortality and length of stay

Regan W Bergmark, Ginger Jin, Robert S Semco, Marc Santolini, Margaret A Olsen, Amar Dhand


March 2023

Mild Neurocognitive Disorder, Social Engagement and Falls Among Older Primary Care Patients

Lien T Quach, Mette M Pedersen, Elisa Ogawa, Rachel E Ward, David R Gagnon, Avron Spiro, Jeffrey A Burr, Jane A Driver, Michael Gaziano, Amar Dhand, Jonathan F Bean

Archives of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation

December 2022

Personal social networks of people with Down syndrome

Brian G Skotko, Kavita Krell, Kelsey Haugen, Amy Torres, Amber Nieves, Amar Dhand

American Journal of Medical Genetics

November 2022

Leveraging Social Networks for the Assessment and Management of Neurological Patients 

Amar Dhand, Archana Podury, Niteesh Choudhry, Shrikanth Narayanan, Min Shin, Matthias R Mehl

Seminars in Neurology

June 2022

Association of Traumatic Brain Injury with the Risk of Developing Chronic Cardiovascular, Endocrine, Neurological, and Psychiatric Disorders

Saef Izzy, Patrick M Chen, Zabreen Tahir, Rachel Grashow, Farid Radmanesh, David J Cote, Taha Yahya, Amar Dhand, Hermon Taylor, Shirley L Shih, Omar Albastaki, Craig Rovito, Samuel B Snider, Michael Whalen, David M Nathan, Karen K Miller, Frank E Speizer, Aaron Baggish, Marc G Weisskopf, Ross Zafonte

JAMA Network Open

April 2022

Disparities in the Geographic Distribution of Neurosurgeons in the United States: A Geospatial Analysis

Sarah Rahman, Justin C McCarty, Shekhar Gadkaree, Robert S Semco, Wenya Linda Bi, Amar Dhand, Molly P Jarman, Gezzer Ortega, Tarsicio Uribe-Leitz, Regan W Bergmark 

World Neurosurgery

April 2021

A Feasibility Study of Expanded Home-Based Telerehabilitation After Stroke

Steven C Cramer, Lucy Dodakian, Vu Le, Alison McKenzie, Jill See, Renee Augsburger, Robert J Zhou, Sophia M Raefsky, Thalia Nguyen, Benjamin Vanderschelden, Gene Wong, Daniel Bandak, Laila Nazarzai, Amar Dhand, Walt Scacchi, Jutta Heckhausen

Frontiers in Neurology

February 2021

Social Network Structure Is Related to Functional Improvement From Home-Based Telerehabilitation After Stroke

Archana Podury, Sophia M Raefsky, Lucy Dodakian, Liam McCafferty, Vu Le, Alison McKenzie, Jill See, Robert J Zhou, Thalia Nguyen, Benjamin Vanderschelden, Gene Wong, Laila Nazarzai, Jutta Heckhausen, Steven C Cramer, Amar Dhand

Frontiers in Neurology

February 2021

Social network structure and composition in former NFL football players

Amar Dhand, Liam McCafferty, Rachel Grashow, Ian M. Corbin, Sarah Cohan, Alicia J. Whittington, Ann Connor, Aaron Baggish, Mark Weisskopf, Ross Zafonte, Alvaro Pascual-Leone & Albert-László Barabási 

Scientific Reports

February 2021

Concussion and Risk of Chronic Medical and Behavioral Health Comorbidities

Saef Izzy, Zabreen Tahir, Rachel Grashow, David J Cote, Ali Al Jarrah, Amar Dhand, Herman Taylor, Michael Whalen, David M Nathan, Karen Miller, Frank Speizer, Aaron Baggish, Marc Weisskopf, Ross D Zafonte

Journal of Neurotrauma

January 2021

Excess Cerebrovascular Mortality in the United States During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Richa Sharma, Lindsey R Kuohn, Daniel M Weinberger, Joshua L Warren, Lauren H Sansing, Adam Jasne, Guido Falcone, Amar Dhand, Kevin N Sheth


January 2021

Caregivers and Families of Critically Ill Patients

Amar DhandSteven K Feske

New England Journal of Medicine, 375(10), pp. 1000-1002

Sep 2016

Social Networks and Neurological Illness

Amar DhandDouglas A LukeCatherine E LangJin-Moo Lee

Nature Reviews Neurology, 12(10), pp. 605-612

Sep 2016

Quality Metrics in Inpatient Neurology

Amar Dhand

Seminars in Neurology, 35(6)

Dec 2015

Author Response

Amar DhandJohn EngstromGurpreet Dhaliwal

Neurology, 82(17), pp. 1568

Apr 2014

Introducing the Neurology Milestones

Steven L LewisRalph F JózefowiczShannon KilgoreAmar DhandLaura Edgar

The Journal of Graduate Medical Education, 6(1 Suppl 1), pp. 102-4

Mar 2014

The Neurology of Itch

Amar DhandMichael J Aminoff

Brain, 137(Pt 2) pp. 313-22

Feb 2014

Right Brain: The Case Library As a Tool to Enhance Clinical Observation

Amar Dhand

Neurology, 8(7), pp. 512-513

Feb 2012

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