Head-to-Head Comparison of Social Network Assessments in Stroke Survivors

Prust, M., Halm, A., Nedelcu, S., Nieves, A., Dhand, A.

The Neurohospitalist

August 2020

Association of Social Network Structure and Physical Function in Patients with Multiple Sclerosis

Levin, SN., Riley, CS., Dhand, A., White, CC., Venkatesh, S., Boehm, B., Nassif, C., Socia, L., Onomichi, K., Leavitt, VM., Levine-Bc, L., Heyman, R., Farber, RS., Vargas, WS., Xia, Z., Jager, P.  


August 2020

Affordability, Accessibility, and Awareness in the Adoption of Liquefied Petroleum Gas: A Case-Control Study in Rural India

Kumar, P., Dover, R.E., Iriate, A.DV., Rao, S., Garakani, R., Hadingham, S., Dhand, A., Tabak, R.G., Brownson, RC., Yadama, G.N.


June 2020

Social Network Mapping and Functional Recovery Within 6 Months of Ischemic Stroke

Dhand, A., Lang, C., Luke D., Kim, A., Li, K., McCafferty, L., Mu, Y., Rosner, B., Feske, S., Lee, J.

Neurorehabilitation and Neural Repair

September 2019

A Network Approach to Stroke Systems of Care

Zachrison, K., Dhand, A., Schwamm, L., Onnela, J.

Cardiovascular Quality and Outcomes, 12(8)

August 2019

Individual differences in social network size linked to nucleus accumbens and hippocampal volume in functional neurological disorder: A pilot study

Ospina, J., Larson, A., Jalilianhasanpour, R., Williams, B., Diez, I., Dhand, A., Dickerson, B., and Perez, D. 

Journal of Affective Disorders 258, pp. 50.

July 2019

Social Networks and Risk of Delayed Hospital Arrival After Acute Stroke

Dhand, A., Luke, D., Lang, C., Tsiaklides, M., Feske, S., and Lee, J-M. 

Nature Communications 10, pp. 1206

March 2019

A Scalable Online Tool for Quantitative Social Network Assessment Reveals Potentially Modifiable Social Environmental Risks 

Dhand, A., White, C. C., Johnson, C., Xia, Z, and De Jager, P. L. 

Nature Communications 9, pp. 3930

Sept 2018

Networks of Hospital Discharge Planning Teams and Readmissions

Prusaczyk, B., Kripalani, S., and Dhand, A.

Journal of Interprofessional Care, pp. 1-8

Aug 2018

Sex Venue-Based Network Analysis to Identify HIV Prevention Dissemination Targets for Men Who Have Sex with Men

Patel, R., Luke, D., Proctor, E., Powderly, W., Chan, P., Mayer, K., Harrison, L., and Dhand, A.

LGBT Health 5(1), pp. 78-85

Jan 2018

Adoption and Sustained Use of Cleaner Cooking Fuels in Rural India: a Case Control Study Protocol to Understand Household, Network, and Organizational Drivers

Kumar, P., Dhand, A., Tabak, R.G., Brownson, R.C., and Yadama, G.N.

Archives of Public Health, 75(1)

Dec 2017

Converse Well-Being of Locked-In Patients and Caregivers

Renault, S. and Dhand, A.

Annals of Neurology 82(3) pp. 490-491

Aug 2017

Accuracy of Wearable Cameras to Track Social Interactions in Stroke Survivors

Dhand, A., Dalton, A., Luke, D., Gage, B., and Lee, J.

Journal of Stroke and Cerebrovascular Diseases, 25(12), pp. 2907-2910

Dec 2016

Monitoring the Diagnostic Process on an Inpatient Neurology Service

Dhand, A., Bucelli, R., Varadhachary, A., Tsiaklides, M., de Bruin, G., and Dhaliwal, G.

The Neurohospitalist, 7(3), pp. 132-136

Nov 2016

Caregivers and Families of Critically Ill Patients

Dhand, A., and Feske, S. K.

New England Journal of Medicine, 375(10), pp. 1000-1002

Sep 2016

Social Networks and Neurological Illness

Dhand, A., Luke, D., Lang, C., and Lee, J.

Nature Reviews Neurology, 12(10), pp. 605-612

Sep 2016

Academic Cross-Pollination: The Role of Disciplinary Affiliation in Research Collaboration

Dhand, A., Luke, D., Carothers, B., and Evanoff, B.

PLOS ONE, 11(1)

Jan 2016

Early Withdrawal Decision-Making in Patients with Coma After Cardiac Arrest: A Qualitative Study of Intensive Care Clinicians

Ong, C., Dhand, A., and Diringer, M.

Neurocritical Care, 25(2), pp.258-265

Oct 2016

Quality Metrics in Inpatient Neurology

Dhand, A.

Seminars in Neurology, 35(6)

Dec 2015

Breaking Down Silos: Mapping Growth of Cross-Disciplinary Collaboration in a Translational Science Initiative 

Luke, D.A., Carothers, B.J., Dhand, A., Bell, R.A., Moreland-Russell, S., Sarli, C.C., and Evanoof, B.A.

Clinical and Translational Science, 8(2), pp. 143-149

Apr 2015

Teaching Video NeuroImages: Movement of a paralyzed arm with yawning

Kang, P. and Dhand, A.

Neurology, 84(16), pp. 708-715

Apr 2015

Author Response

Dhand, A., Engstrom, J., and Dhaliwal, G.

Neurology, 82(17), pp. 1568

Apr 2014

Introducing the Neurology Milestones

Lewis, S.L., Józefowicz, R.F., Kilgore, S., Dhand, A., and Edgar, L.

The Journal of Graduate Medical Education, 6(1 Suppl 1), pp. 102-4

Mar 2014

Leadership in Neurology: A Social Network Analysis

Dhand, A., Harp, J., and Borgatti, S.P.

Annals of Neurology, 75(3), pp.342-50

Mar 2014

The Neurology of Itch

Dhand, A. and Aminoff, M.J.

Brain, 137(Pt 2) pp. 313-22

Feb 2014

How Experienced Community Neurologists Make Diagnoses During Clinical Encounters

Dhand, A., Engstrom, J., and Dhaliwal, G.

Neurology, 81(16), pp. 1460-1466

Oct 2013

Defining Scholarly Activity in Graduate Medical Education

Grady, E.C., Roise, A., Barr, D., Lynch, D., Lee, K.B., Daskivich, T., Dhand, A., and Butler, P.D.

The Journal of Graduate Medical Education, 4(4), pp. 558-561

Dec 2012

Right Brain: The Case Library As a Tool to Enhance Clinical Observation

Dhand, A.

Neurology, 8(7), pp. 512-513

Feb 2012

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