Artist: Lindsay Obermeyer,

Photographer: Larry Sanders


February 22, 2016

Network Video Clips

Network video clips are short 10 second videos that show network change. Through the use of the ndtv R package, we have been able to create visual networks that change over time from stroke onset to 6 months after stroke. The network video clips can be found here.



The network clips show the patient surrounded by individuals in their personal network. These are individuals who provide advice,...

January 19, 2016


What is a research brand?

A research brand was defined by Jeffrey McDonnell as, “your central mission: the particular branch of research you’d like to be truly excellent in and known for.”  It’s important to have because it helps you stay organized and avoid some pitfalls of wasting time, energy, & resources that some junior investigators may run into.


How to pick a brand?

First you want to connect your brand with your advisor...

December 4, 2015


"Interventions will need to target not just individuals or groups but their social circles."

The Public Health Perspective

The main goal of the field of public health is to improve the health of as many people as possible. Public health scholars focus on what proportion of people can benefit from interventions actually benefit. A public health program usually will have a higher likelihood of success if they can work in cooper...

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Artist and investigator talk about how social networks affect stroke recovery in St. Louis Post-Dispatch

February 3, 2016

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